Thursday, November 26, 2015

Amanora Adreno for those who want to relish life!

Vitality is an experience
If we have a look at our lives at this moment, we can find hundred reasons to be stressed and worried. We are stressed about work, monthly installments, investment problems, traffic jams, health issues and what not?? This lifestyle has overpowered our interests and left us with almost no space to recharge our weary souls. And hence, taking out some crucial moments from our mundane routines to find our lost vitality, becomes a primary need. We need to experience life in its fullest form and only then we can truly enjoy it.
The Adrenaline rush!
A 10-min jog in the morning gives us enough energy to stay pumped up for the entire day. Any physical exercise at any time of the day can help us shape a healthy mind and an active body. The redundancy of home to work and work to home soon takes a toll on the body as well as the mind, and that’s how you experience a gradual drop in energy levels. But do we have enough time for this? Why not! If you have a whole set of activities right next to your home! Let’s see how.
Home that gives u a high!
Adreno Towers, at Amanora bring you uniquely-crafted homes that will keep you alive and pulsated all the while! The township keeps you active through its countless amenities. Located in Hadapsar, Pune, this huge project covers large acres of land and is surrounded by natural beauty. It takes into consideration every small need of every single unit of the family. It offers a host of rejuvenating avenues with its different arenas: fitness arena, enrichment arena, adventure arena, splash arena and peace arena.
Feel the rush at Amanora Adreno towers!

Come to Adreno Towers to feel every throb of your heart at the rooftop bars, terrace lounges, dining decks, outdoor Jacuzzis and much more! Live life Adreno style!

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