Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Amanora Future Towers – The new architectural icon of India

Architectural masterpieces have the ability to transform the landscape of any country. Petronas Towers in Malaysia, Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates are just some of the modern day landmarks that are a reflection of imaginative and functional design ideas. What began as a dream of giving India an architectural masterpiece took the shape of a futuristic yet functional design called Amanora Future Towers.

City Corporation, part of the 400 acre Amanora Township in Pune conceptualized an Apartment City that evolved from the shape of a hexagon. This radical new age living concept would be created based on the ‘Vertical City’ model. Resembling a beautiful landscape, this design will incorporate peaks and valleys, grottos and caves, canyons and bays in its design so as to give its residents a taste of adventure unlike any other. While embracing the polar opposites of calmness and rush, serenity and activity this iconic structure will have calm, quiet spaces on one end and interact with high activity road on the other end. The design will be a perfect amalgamation of traditional Indian as well as contemporary architectural styles. While iconic and imposing in its image the structure will be the true bastion of human spirit.

Future Towers will be developed as a single apartment block on 585 metres x 73 metres of land. It will have 20 – 25 storey towers with altitude not exceeding 100 metres. This architectural icon will have living as well office spaces along with multiple leisure and recreational avenues. It will have collective residential and commercial space of 4,000,000 sq ft and house 3000 to 3500 luxurious and futuristic dwellings. The Apartment City has been designed to give a sensorial experience like no other. Every apartment will either be facing 26 acres of spectacular lush greenery in the centre or vast open spaces that will have an instant calming effect.

The apartment city has been designed to offer its residents an intimate connection with its surroundings while retaining its individuality and specially designed courtyards at different positions deliver this. The towers have intelligent open spaces incorporated in its design at varying altitudes featuring elite and luxurious amenities like health spa, Nature Park, gaming zone and coffee shop. These open spaces called scoops are designed to allow residents of all age groups to bond over common interests and foster community spirit.

The Apartment City is not only futuristic but incorporates intelligent design features like 120 degree angles and modern triangular arches delivering plenty of natural light and breeze along with easy movement. Designed to suit modern day living needs this project does not compromise on sustainable green design aspects nor is it too ambitious to fulfil the logistical needs required by a project of this scale. Future Towers will be the first residential project in India having the tallest atrium. At 100 metres height the Atrium lobby will feature an open central area or court with luxurious waiting lounges designed for guests.

The apartments have been designed with variations depending on their size as well as the view they offer. In spite of the massiveness of this project every apartment will have a balcony. The ultra luxurious amenities offered at Future Towers include a gymnasium having world class equipment, a pre-school with modern and holistic outlook towards education, a beautifully designed swimming pool and an exclusive superstore. Living in Amanora Future Towers will be a unique sensorial experience that may just alter your entire outlook towards life.


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