Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Properties in Pune : Brilliance that Defines the Extraordinary

Pune lingers on the verge of breaking out into a major economic capital. This major transition is a result of the rapid progress and growth that the city is accelerating towards. The result of this growth directly affects the appreciation and demand for properties in Pune. The czars belonging to various arena today are on a look out for extraordinary personal pads that suit their stature. These personal home spaces carry a distinct personality of their own and are the truest reflections of the success stories that reside in there. Pure luxury and coveted lifestyle together create a space that truly bears witness to the rampant life that the home belongs to.

Pune is one of the most sought after cities to settle mostly because the variant flavors of life that it has to offer. A culturally rich and vibrant city, the real estate in Pune is on an all time high, with a number of big names joining the bandwagon. Every celebrated name in the real estate arena have come up with great residential and commercial projects. One such resplendent project is Gateway Towers in Amanora Park Town which is marveled by Swarovski. Swarovski, founded by Daniel Swarvoski, was initially a brand that dealt with precision cut crystal jewelery stones. With the passage of time, the brand expanded its root into fields of architecture, fashion, design and fine arts, changing the world of fashion and luxury completely. 

The stunning Swarovski crystals took the world by storm, creating newer histories. The brilliance and radiance of the crystals has adorned many architectural marvels all over the world. Pune is one and probably the only city of the country that has joined the prestigious club of cities to experience the marvel of Swarovski. Gateway Towers in Amanora Park Town is a project that outshines its contemporaries, because Swarovski, the worlds most brightest and well acclaimed brand along with world class amenities create the most sought after cribs in the country. Gateway Towers is one of the most lucrative properties in Pune, that has gained a lot of attention from potential buyers. A fine amalgamation of international architecture with national aesthetics, this project is today counted as one of the jewels in the crown of the real estate in Pune.

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