Friday, January 25, 2013

Established Builders in Pune Realize their Social Responsibility

The real estate business is going great, so builders in Pune should also do something for the betterment of society. When established names and brands take up a good cause, it definitely creates awareness amongst the common pubic. They also donate large amounts of money towards the cause which again is good for the cause. However, donating money alone cannot be counted as being socially responsible. A brand has to look at many other things as well.
Amanora Park Township built by City Group, is one of the best and most recognized brands of Pune. They are the perfect example for responsibility and awareness. Amanora Park Town is not only about making the best satellite city, it also about making a better life for all. Their magnificent grounds and other hosting locations are always open to hosting charity events. 

Amanora Park Township did an amazing thing for the villagers of Sade Satra Nali.  Many farmers gave up their land for development but instead of giving them meager jobs, the company decided to make them self-sufficient entrepreneurs. All of them were provided professional business training from professionals and today, all of them have businesses of contract and supplying for Amanora. Collectively, these farmers now have a turnover of more than 20 crores. Therefore, they now have a permanent and fruitful income source. They do not have to be dependent on anybody else. They can even further expand their business. 

Amanora Park Town also believes in the empowerment of women. 50 women from the farming community were provided with professional training at a top catering institute. A company was formed who has now tied up with Amanora and provide canteen services to the whole township. Their business is also doing extremely well.  

Providing a means of a sustainable and profitable means of living is the best way to help anyone. However, Amanora has not just stopped at that. The villagers of Satra Nali had no access to clean drinking water. Amanora took an initiative and appointed the services of Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran. A water project has begun with Gram Panchayat and the village will have a good supply of clean water. 

Builders in Pune need to learn from Amanora Park Town on how to be a socially responsible brand. Betterment of the society always has to get preference.

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