Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Now Projects in Pune Going High-Tech

Real estate developers are constantly trying to outdo each other. Now, the new trend of projects in Pune incorporating the latest technology has begun. This is actually a good trend as it is beneficial to the home buyer. Also, introducing new technology is not that expensive and developers are selling this as an added feature. This technology is aimed making life more comfortable, easier and most importantly, safer for home owners. 

One common feature many developers are adding is the Video Door Phone. This is much better than the peephole on the door, as you can clearly see and talk to the person outside the door.  Piped gas connection with a meter is another common feature. This saves you the trouble of getting a new gas cylinder each time every month. You will only receive a bill for the amount gas you have used.  

The above mentioned are good features, but the amazing ultra modern features are being given in the Amanora Park Town. Apart from the ones mentioned above, they also have Video Surveillance System. The security has cameras all around and they ensure that the whole township is monitored well. There are Smart Home Systems in the homes which control digital door locks, wall pad unit, gas sensors, etc. The gas sensors monitor for gas leaks. That’s not all; you even have a web portal to the neighboring shops. The township also has an IT team who are there for support, 24 hours a day, seven day a week. 

This list of modern amenities just keeps going on for Amanora Park Town. Their residents have a comfortable life there thanks to the superb management team. One more luxury their citizens have is uninterrupted supply of water and electricity. These basic necessities are sadly what most people in Pune struggle for. 

All the major Projects in Pune can lean a lot from Amanora Park Town. Providing such modern and high-tech service makes life for the people a whole lot easier. Potential home buyers are also attracted to such features in a project. They understand its importance and their decision to buy a home or not is greatly influenced by it. 

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