Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Magarpatta Cybercity and Amanora Park Town – The charm of Pune city.

Magarpatta Cybercity is the biggest development of housing projects in India and Amanora Park Town is a project to build a futuristic India which qualifies to be the first township as per the guidelines of the Government of Maharashtra. Both of these concepts are a new definition to the real estate business in Pune city.
Marvelous Magarpatta
Magarpatta Cybercity is an autonomous residential cum corporate settlement spanning over 700 acres of land. It is located along the Pune-Solapur highway in Pune. Also known as the “pride of Pune” Magarpatta is first in India to receive the ISO 9001 certification by its award winning design and eco friendly construction.
At present Magarpatta Cybercity is comprised of three real estate entities which include residential, commercial and cybercity. Residential incorporates all the residential neighborhoods like Cosmos, Trillium, Iris, Jasminium, etc. Commercial consists of the shopping complex like Mega centre and destination centre and cybercity includes towers 1 to 12 as well as the new SEZ towers.

Apart from all these real estate entities, Magarpatta also has a large circular garden named Aditi Gardens which lies in the geometric centre of the Cybercity circle. Besides, Magarpatta has two schools which are from primary to senior secondary, among which one is fully functional and other is under construction.
The Nobel hospital is also sited in the Magarpatta premises. Over all, Magarpatta is a combination of commercial properties as well as residential apartments and bungalows with the commercial plan being executed at the centre of the premises and in a spherical form surrounded by the residential neighborhood.

Alluring Amanora

Amanora Township is the first of its kind residential project located at Hadapsar, Pune with the unique concept designed to cater individual needs within the family. Amanora Township has A TO Z amenities, facilities and very fine feature that make living incredibly luxurious. The infrastructure of this huge township includes healthcare, club house, water treatment plant, fire station, water filtration plant, electric sub-station, lake, central green and gas distribution station by Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited.

Amanora Park Town is an independent model of developed urban life that impeccably incorporates modern values with conventional community living. In short, it is a true definition of comfort, security and reliability. Spread over 400 acres, 14 million sq. ft. of carefully cherished expansion combined with 70 acres of well designed clean and open space, this place is a true landmark that would change the way everyone views life in Pune.

These projects are the strongest pillars of Pune city. Magarpatta Cybercity being a great blend of commercial and residential features and Amanora Park Town being the aspiration of the new age home seekers, both have their unique reasons to be chosen.

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